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Guide Phuket travel Thailand


Assistenza Phuket 
mobile: +66-924126045

Assistenza Italia – Alessandro
mobile 320-2829307



Online platform designed to give the most information and useful advice to those who decide to visit the island of Phuket, in fact in the menu you can find different indications of all kinds on how to reach the beaches on the island.

Hotels to choose to stay at discounted prices,Restaurant where to eat, how to safely rent a motorbike or any private vehicle (Boats motorcycles, large displacement scooters) and which offers and promotions to choose to enjoy a valid excursion to one of the beautiful islands of the Andaman Sea.

There is also the possibility of taking detailed information on the programs carried out for visiting the various destinations,

offering even for the most needy the possibility of organizing and to book private tours with itineraries recommended by us,thanks to the many maps on our site it will be easy to reach and the indicated places or to put in direct contact with owners of Hotel, Guest House or commercial activities for possible information or agreements.

Our Platform is centered on the quality / price principle also able to offer

a continuous assistance and a solid technical support to be able to plan your travel itinerary in the best and safest way.

Furthermore, the wide choice of the various tours and programs offered, combined with the professionalism of our partners (operating on the island for many years),

will allow you to enjoy the tour you have chosen and to be guided thanks to our suggestions for a pleasant stay in Phuket without encountering various problems that arise when you do not decide to organize and plan your travel itinerary.

So do not hesitate to get in touch with us to remove any kind of curiosity and ask for information and advice

that can be useful.

Guide Phuket travel Thailand 


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