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Places To Visit In Phuket





Places to visit in Phuket considered the most beautiful island in Thailand and in the world,

in fact it is one of the most chosen destinations  over the world,

landscapes and paradisiacal beaches, many islands to visit, national parks immersed in the tropical forest, activities of all kinds, a vast choice of excursions with the possibility of combining sports and different services.

Patong beach is the center of life night characterized by the Trasgressiva Bangla road

a long road that is closed to traffic from 6 pm until the early hours of the morning to be assaulted by the many tourists.

In the walinking street of the city you will find bars, pubs, discos and lap dance clubs all over the street and in the central areas of the city with hundreds of restaurants,

markets and shopping centers.

Famous Shows of international fame with breathtaking scenery or watch the many sex shows, the most famous of all, the Ping Pong Show.Places To Visit In Phuket


Phuket Town is the most important and largest city of the island born in the 19th century thanks to the trade of the pond with a population of about 80,000 people the city develops on the east coast of the island with a large and equipped port, characterized by special and extravagant roads such as Ranong Road.

Many things to see like the temple of Wat Put Jaw, the road of the murals,

the beautiful small Thalong Road with typically colorful colonial buildings that enliven the streets of the old city.

One more destination not to be missed is Phuket Trickeye Museum where you can take extravagant and special photos with 3D works able to create sensational optical effects,

and to project the observer directly into the work, the Phuket market is very interesting and curious.










One of the greatest representations of the Buddha ever made since the year 2000 of a brilliant white colorfor the use of marble,

the large statue is situated on the highest peak of the hills and it is possible to see it from

all over the southern area of the island of Phuket.

The site is easily accessible by a scooter and once you reach the area of Chalong just follow the signs on the road, the huge statue in continuous construction thanks you have funds that receives over the island ,admire the beautiful surrounding landscape in addition to the small works on the site.

Inside the building is possible to receive a blessing in the typical Buddhist method,

or to sign one of the many tiles that form the surface of the statue.




One of the largest and most revered temples of the local population is the Wat Chalong built in 1837, not far from the Big Buddha and only 5 km further along the same road.

The Temple is composed of several religious structures with a typically oriental appearance,

and the building more important is the large chedi, called Phra Mahathat Chedi.

Inside it, on top of a plume that can be reached through stairways that can only be walked without shoes, is kept a fragment of a bone of the Buddha.

There are numerous statues that represent the Buddha and the walls are decorated with frescoes that represent religious stories,

going up on the balcony you can admire the complex and maybe witness the explosion of firecrackers in a special structure for a new blessing.










Once on the island of Phuket whit a scooter rented at a low cost, you can admire the beauty of the landscapes that offer the various view points scattered all over the island located near the main roads and therefore easily accessible, one of the most popular is the view point of katha beach where the view extends to Patong Beach.

Without doubt the most striking is the view point at Phromthep Cape,

located on the extreme tip of the island with a spectacular 360 degree panorama overlooking the beaches

of Nhai Harn and the beautiful beach of Ya Nhui, while in the northern part of Patong just before the beautiful beach of Surin,

is the view point that overlooking the bay of Limsing Beach.



In Phuket, from some of the many beaches on the island, you can admire fantastic sunsets in amazing colors, the best time, thanks to the excellent weather conditions with no rain, it goes from November to April.

One of the most beautiful and wild beach is Freedom a secret beach completely immersed in the tropical forest,

can be reached on foot by crossing an evocative scenic route or by renting the classic boat called Long Tail Boat from Patong beach.

Places To Visit In Phuket with 20 minutes of navigation you can reach the beautiful bay characterized by from the fine white sand bathed by the turquoise-colored crystalline sea especially during the high season when the climatic conditions are optimal giving life to typically tropical landscapes. 

Do not miss the aperitif in the small Paradise Beach fantastic Beach Club located just 5 minutes of Patong motor formed by two small beaches,

free Transfer from the center of Patong.









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